Our Management


Anthony Casarez

Founder and Owner

I was born in Roswell NM in 1969. I’ve been in the service industry my entire life, here in S.E. New Mexico.   I generally inspect homes or buildings for any problems pertaining to: Roofs, electrical, heating and cooling, plumbing, insulation, framing, foundation, termites, sprinkler systems, stucco ID, lead paint, asbestos, retaining property walls, fencing and pretty much anything in the property. I have experience in Plumbing and Electrical. I attended ENMUR and completed HVAC-R, and have a certification in home inspections, hvac, lead, asbestos, a licensed general contractor GB98 with Construction Industries NM, and a licensed commercial pest control/termite applicator with the Dept of Agriculture of NM.   

Michael Casarez

Owner of Mike's Termite and Pest LLC

Commercial Applicator. 

Apprentice in Home Inspections, & Construction.

Business Owner

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